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This teacher training course is free all you have to do is share it.

You'll need to maintain an 80% through the course (retakes are allowed). Course value=$79!

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korean student

"Quite interesting! I was intimidated by the idea of teaching young learners, but this course changed my mind and now I'm looking forward to the chance!" - Justin K.

This course is well rounded and focuses primarily on teaching young learners. Students need to obtain an 80% throughout the course and a 85% on the exams. Retakes are allowed. Here you can see an outline of the course.

Similar 60 hour online courses range in price from $179-413.

  • $60 and includes a 60 hour TEFL certificate upon course completion.
"...don't always assume that the cost is a reflection of quality." - Brett T.

New! Built from the same great foundation as the 60 hour course. It's in BETA mode. Content is still being added. That's why it is being offered at a discounted rate. After that it will go up to $120.

Save 267-600%! Similar 120 hour online courses range in price from $265-599.
  • Includes a 120 hour online certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Read the guarantee.