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  • Includes a 20 hour TEFL certificate upon course completion.

This is a well rounded TEFL course that focuses primarily on teaching English to young learners.

"Quite interesting! I was intimidated by the idea of teaching young learners, but this course changed my mind and now I'm looking forward to the chance!" - Justin Knox

This course is well rounded and focuses primarily on teaching young learners. Here you can see an outline of the course.

  • Includes a 60 hour certificate upon course completion.
You can try it out

Trial: You can try out the "first 5 topics" and if you decide that it's not for you then you can get a full refund.

New! Built from the same great foundation as the 60 hour course. It's in BETA mode. Content is still being added.

You'll save up to 48+% on selected 120 hour online TEFL courses.

  • Includes a 120 hour online certificate upon successful completion of the course.

You can try it out

If you try out the "first 5 topics" and decide that it's not for you then you can get a full refund.

Sandra's picture"Hi Ian! I loved the course! It wasn't really difficult, but it was not easy - and I feel like I learned a lot. I definitely plan to continue using the resources. I have applied for and set up over 7 interviews already in China.

If you add on various additional certs, like young learners and what not I would take those. I plan to take a job in China and blog about it for the year to qualify for the 1000 hour cert.

Thanks so much for an awesome learning experience." - Sandra Dee Bonadonna, TEFL-120

Yes, teach me how to teach English abroad!

The benefits of this course.

  1. In terms of TEFL courses a 120 hour course or more hours is considered the most reputable.
  2. You can work on this course at your own pace. There is no deadline or timeline.
  3. You can retake and review this course as needed.
  4. ESLinsider offers many unique resources that are free. For example, check out the how-to videos.
  5. This course is guaranteed. This course is the most thorough of the three and offers the most complete training. That is why it is guaranteed.
  6. After completing this course you will be more prepared which I promise will lead to a much better year abroad.
  7. You will learn practical and useful tools. The focus is on learning what to do (as well as how, when, why) in the classroom. It is not on teaching theory or studying the English language.
  8. Online courses are cheaper than in-class courses.
  9. Answers to your questions... "This TEFL is a key to amazing adventure abroad. If I were you, I'd get it. Best of all, you can actually talk to him. He answers personal emails, so you're not just money or a number." - Joshua
  10. Training especially focused on teaching in Eastern Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan).

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Course Outline

Topic 1 Start Here
Topic 2 Teaching Methods
Topic 3 The Teacher as a Public Speaker
Topic 4 Learning Styles
Topic 5 Lesson Planning - PPP & ESA
Topic 6 Presenting Language
Topic 7 Teaching Listening
Topic 8 Teaching Writing
Topic 9 Teaching Reading
Topic 10 Teaching Speaking
Topic 11 Teaching Pronunciation & Phonics
Topic 12 Grammar
Topic 13 Teaching with Games & Activities Teaching with Songs
Topic 14 Classroom Problems
Topic 15 Classroom Management
Topic 16 Writing your resume/finding jobs Culture Shock
Topic 17 Final Certificate Exam TEFL Certificate