You have 3 options which you will find below, but before I tell you about those courses I want to share with you why you should take a course here.

1. Published research suggests that if you want to remember what you learn online then you need a visually engaging course

Instead of wasting your time reading text online from a boring course that you probably won't remember, you could take a course that's rich with simple instructional videos that you will absorb faster, easier and remember more of.

These courses are built with practical and authentic how-to videos that were shot in real classrooms w/ real students mostly in South Korea. 

Many online courses are predominately text based which is NOT memorable. Seeing something done in person or on video is far superior to reading about it.

Some facts:

"I'm a new teacher and these videos really saved my hide (they still do) and my students like these activities a lot. I would like to thank you..." - Luiz Felipe

If you don't absorb what you are taught in a course or know what you are doing then your job is going to be difficult and you, your students and your boss are not going to be happy.

And that means teaching English abroad will be a bust. 

And that is not what you wanted right?

As seen in the video above ESLinsider's courses are visually engaging. You'll learn by watching other teachers. And remember:

You'll learn faster, it will be easier, you'll probably enjoy it more and you'll remember more of what you learn. 

2. They're especially focused on teaching English to kids aged 6-13 in East Asia. 

This is the overwhelming majority of the job market in Asia, yet most other courses focus more on teaching adults which I know from experience isn't very helpful. 

You'll find a lot of context - with videos that were filmed in Korea and Taiwan. 

You'll not only learn how to teach, but you'll also learn how to have fun with your students and control them (kids) which is not so easy. 

Yes, much of the information can apply to adults too, yet there is more of a focus on teaching children as most of the videos were filmed in kids classes. 

Think of it like this...

Why would you take an MMA (mixed martial arts) class if you want to learn jiu-jitsu and compete in jiu-jitsu competitions? MMA classes will include some jiu-jitsu so that's good, but if you want to compete in jiu-jitsu then you should be taking jiu-jitsu classes because it's more efficient and targeted.

Most other courses including the ones I took are more general like the MMA courses. They are more general and trying to reach as many people as possible.

ESLinsider's courses are more niche and focused more on teaching children.

3. Access when you need it most. 

Paid access to ESLinsider's courses are long term.


Because learning takes time and repetition. Most online TEFL courses keep all their content behind a paywall and you only get access for a limited time (1-6 months). 

If your access to a course is only for 2-3 months (common w/ popular providers) then by the time you actually start teaching your access will be terminated which means you won't be able to access content when you need it most.

So that's why long term access can be a life saver

The "Advanced" course offers unlimited access.

Stop being an outsider become an insider

ESLinsider is not accredited and does not follow other superficial standards such as course "hours" or claim to be "internationally recognized".

There are 3 superficial standards with TEFL courses: accreditation, hours (especially with online courses), and claims like "internationally recognized" courses.

1. Accreditation is not what it seems

There is no one accreditation for TEFL and since there is no one party there is no law for TEFL and it's not a requirement. There are only "independent accrediting bodies businesses". 

There are some that are "more reputable", some lesser so and there are some that are fake

But all of them have one thing in common and that's that they all charge money (unless of course they are fake and in that case they'll just ignore your email since they are actually another TEFL course provider pretending to be an accreditor). 

Essentially accreditation is a paid review

"...they are in bed with the people they regulate..." - Douglas B.

Accreditation requires paying a fee (often thousands of dollars) to a 3rd party (a business), and giving up independence to some mysterious party that no one knows in exchange for "their approval".

Getting their approval requires (in the case of a real accreditation) that you fit within their model. "Their" model is likely archaic and based on a general traditional model which is outdated

Did you know these things about accreditation?

ESLinsider is not restricted by outdated educational norms.

2. So does that mean it's not "internationally recognized"?

The term "internationally recognized" doesn't actually mean anything. As mentioned before there is no one body for TEFL accreditation and there is no stamp that grants this status. 

It's mainly a marketing term.

3. What about these "hours": 100, 120, 150?

There are no real "hours" with online courses. 

There are 2 types of online courses: asynchronous and synchronous. I have only seen asynchronous online TEFL courses which means there are no actual class times or "hours". Many people complete so-called 120 hour courses online in less than 20 hours.

I completed one in 8 hours.

Emily took the advanced course

"...Right after I took this course I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia that had stipulated they needed an in-person TEFL in their ad, but when I looked at their paper work after the interview, it looks like they counted this certificate as valid, and I was offered a job. I was really glad I had stumbled upon Ian's site. Thanks, Ian." - Emily's review

As good as it sounds getting a job is just the beginning

You need more than a job. 

Getting your foot in the door is just the beginning. But what you have to worry about is what you are going to do when you enter that classroom?

Think about what kind of experience you want to have. Do you want to dread or be excited about going to work? 

Do you want your students to be smiling at you or yawning at you?

Clear, Content & Confident

Imagine the look on other teacher's faces when they see how well behaved and happy your students are. 

  1. Feel more confidence, control and joy in the classroom

  2. Eliminate problem students

  3. Learn how to inspire your students and enjoy teaching

  4. Learn practical and actually useful tools for the classroom, little study of grammar & theory

  5. Learn how to teach efficiently w/ easy to absorb materials

I can promise you a better year "teaching abroad"

And that might sound like a weak promise, but let me tell you...

My first year teaching abroad in Taiwan was pretty difficult. Like many who try teaching abroad I loved traveling. But the teaching...


That was the problem. It wasn't easy and it wasn't very fun. There was a lot of trial, error and naughty kids. Did I say naughty kids? Yep, I didn't have much control over my classes.

Some students wouldn't listen. Some were loud. Others seemed bored. And very few seemed happy and most of the time neither was I.

The thing was that the kids weren't really the problem. I could have blamed them, the school, the system or whatever, but really it was me.

I pushed through it though. 

After a few years in Taiwan I moved to Korea. Over time the amount of problems in the classroom I had started to decrease.

I learned mostly from other teachers and from reading. But I wasted a lot of time online looking for stuff that worked.

In my experience...

The best way to learn was by watching teachers which I sometimes I did in the different schools I taught in.

Since I learned best by watching other teachers I started making some how-to videos that I filmed in the classroom. As mentioned above video can make learning faster, easier and more enjoyable. 

Those videos now have over 1,900,000 views on Youtube and more than 7,000 subscribers.

I improved as a teacher and that was the beginning. 

ESLinsider is what I wished I had when I started teaching abroad.

kindergarten kids in Korea

Is there anyone who shouldn't take these courses?

These courses aren't very suitable for people who teach:

  • Business English
  • Exclusively adults or university students

GET THE INSIDE SCOOP on teaching English in Asia 

Here are some things that you will get when you log in. 

  • Advice from 26 teachers in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan on video
  • How to find your best place (city and country) teaching abroad. 
  • A comprehensive look at salaries for teachers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.
  • Your options for the different kinds of schools that you can work in. 
  • Some fun quizzes to see if your English is good enough... 
  • And a whole lot more about the actual teaching.

The teaching is coming soon... 

Enroll in ESLinsider's Advanced Course

  • Comprehensive training A-Z especially geared towards teaching children in Asia
  • Get feedback and tips on your lesson plans
  • Learn uncommon tactics for empowering classroom management
  • Become self-sufficient and learn the tricks insiders use to find good jobs even without experience
  • Unlimited access 

  • According to these people it also helped them get a job

    Oliver's picture"I believe that your course was the reason that I managed to get my first teaching job. Shortly after adding it to my resume I managed to secure a job in Italy." - Oliver Franklin

    Sandra took the advanced course

    Sandra's picture"Hi Ian! I loved the course! It wasn't really difficult, but it was not easy - and I feel like I learned a lot. I definitely plan to continue using the resources. I have applied for and set up over 7 interviews already in China.

    If you add on various additional certs, like young learners and what not I would take those. I plan to take a job in China and blog about it for the year to qualify for the 1000 hour cert.

    Thanks so much for an awesome learning experience." - Sandra Dee Bonadonna

    Yes, teach me how to teach English (especially to kids in Asia) because I want to enjoy it!


      This course includes everything in the advanced course AND a full year of support with "your classes".

      • Help w/ lessons
      • Help resolving your classroom problems


      New & Improved! This course was "formerly" known as the 120 hour course.



      To access all 18 levels including:

      • An "advanced" (not "120 hour") online certificate upon successful completion of the course. 
      • Feedback on lesson planning assignments.
      • Not 2-6 months like most courses, but long term access to the course.

      You can work on this course at your own pace. There is no deadline or timeline. This course is thorough. Learn more about it.

      Become an insider.

      • $89 to access the whole course and obtain certification upon successful completion.

      Learn more about the basic course.