This course recently received a number of new updates. TEKA was "formerly" called the advanced course and before that the 120 hour course. It has evolved over time.


This course is the culmination of:

  • 13+ years of combined research or experience teaching abroad
  • 6 years of trial and error teaching in Asia
  • And it's been influenced by 20+ teachers from multiple countries

It includes:

  • 18 levels of interactive learning covering everything from teaching reading to dealing with classroom problems
  • Feedback and interaction on written assignments which further cements material studied in the course
  • 60+ instructional videos that teach you tools that you can apply today
  • Lifetime access

Teaching now? Convince your boss to support your progress.

If you really want to have a better year teaching English abroad to mostly kids then this is how you do it. 

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ESLinsider's course - TEKA